EwK Services has a monthly newsletter that contains information about all of the services offered here at EwK services. These include communication, translation, presentation skills, and accessibility. The newsletter is organised into sections so that you can quickly jump to the information that interests you. There are tips, blog articles, and other news from EwK Services.

The email version of the newsletter also includes links and resources from elsewhere on the internet. These are not included in the news archives on this site.

You can have a look at past newsletters by clicking on the links below:
March 2020 – the emotional side of online accessibility, translating words that don’t exist in the other language, and preparing for the questions you may be asked after presentations
February 2020 – repurposing video content, the apostrophe, interview tips, and how one company improved the accessibility of its customer journey over night.
October 2019 – Braille signs, online presentations, and bad translations.

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