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Adding image descriptions to your website and social media posts helps visually impaired people to be part of the conversation and know what’s going on.

But how do you write a good image description?

What should you cover?

As a business owner, as well as making your images more inclusive, you also have an opportunity to give those who can’t appreciate the visuals a further insight into your brand – using words.

This is what people who have attended previous webinars are saying

“”Deciding what to write for my image descriptions has made me take another look at the kind of images I want to use, and why I am choosing them.

I know that the descriptions will help screenreader users to understand what’s going on in the pictures. Choosing images that convey the right message is also helping me to be clearer about how I represent my brand visually on my social media posts.”
Kari Roberts

“Kirsty’s webinar was extremely informative and helpful. In order for individuals and businesses to be inclusive, thinking about how to describe images is essential. Getting the nuances of descriptions accurate and correct is crucial for better accessibility and Kirsty’s webinar has definitely helped me in this. Thoroughly recommend.”
Peter Fullagar from Ideal ELT

“I highly recommend Kirsty’s webinar. You’ll take so much away from this webinar that will change the way you see your business and improve the quality of your interactions on social media by making images and content more accessible.”
Lauryn Bradley.

In my image descriptions webinar, I give 10 tips that will help you to write better image descriptions. They’ll be meaningful for those who can’t see the images, and help you to write in a way that sounds authentic. Adding image descriptions may also improve your SEO.

When is it happening?

  • Date: Monday 10th May 2021
  • Time: 10:30 UK Time
  • Duration: 60 minutes (presentation followed by time for questions and a practical example)
  • Location: Zoom
  • Price: £10

In my Zoom webinar, I’ll

  1. Explain what image descriptions are and the differences between those on your website and those on social media posts.
  2. Clarify when you don’t need an image description.
  3. Give you 10 tips and things to think about, including a formula to make sure all the important things are covered.
  4. Answer any questions about the tips or image descriptions in general.
  5. Do a practical exercise with the group, where we will look at a couple of images and think about how we could describe them.

You don’t have to change much, and if you use the alt text option, any other visitors to your page won’t even notice the difference. However, small changes like this will make a big difference to screenreader users who can’t see your images.

As another customer said: “this is a can’t miss webinar – I’ve worked on this with Kirsty,… More and she really helped me understand what people who use screen readers need (and don’t need) in image descriptions. Everyone who cares about making their business truly accessible and inclusive needs to learn what she’s teaching in this webinar!”
Jennifer Jones.

Why is accessibility important?

Nobody wants to feel excluded, but sometimes on social media there is content that I, and other screenreader users like me, just have to scroll on past. Imagine if there were things in your feed that were written in another language – you have no translate button, no dictionary, no visual clues, and therefore no access. If you want to know what it is, you have to go and find someone who speaks the language, or just never know!

As a business owner, you don’t want to lose potential customers just because they couldn’t access your posts. You do want people to keep coming back and telling their friends. At the moment there is quite a lot of inaccessible content out there, so if you can lead the way by being inclusive, you’re already setting your business apart from those who haven’t started thinking about this yet.

Who am I?

My background is as a Communications Manager and English language teacher. I care about communicating well, in multiple languages. I want to help people to get their message across clearly and to be heard.

As a blind adult who uses a screenreader, I also care about accessibility. The internet and social media are a big part of my life – personally and professionally – but there are areas where things could be better. I don’t have access to important information, can’t laugh at some jokes, and sometimes miss offers that would be interesting and relevant to me. I want to do something to change that.

Do you want to come to the webinar?

You can use the contact form to contact me with any questions about the webinar, or to reserve your place.

If you sign up, you’ll be sent an invoice with my Paypal details. Once I’ve received your payment, your place will be guaranteed and you’ll receive the link for Zoom.

If you can’t be there on the day, a recording of the training will be made available to you, along with summarised answers to any questions from the Q&A session.



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