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Communication plays a vital role in our everyday lives – from business meetings to discussions around the dinner table. It’s about more than words – it’s about how you use those words, and whether the other person has understood what you wanted to say.

At EwK services, I work with customers on a range of projects, whether they want to improve their communication skills, communicate in a different language, communicate inclusively and accessibly, or communicate spoken text in a written form. All of these things may seem unrelated, but I see them as connected, and different branches of the same effective communication tree!

What’s on?

This is where you’ll find my upcoming online webinars and events. Click on each link to find out more or make a booking.

Communicating clearly in writing

Would you like someone to check your website content, press releases, internal or external communications, and fix those pesky grammar errors that might have slipped through the net?

Do you have ideas about what you want to say, but wish you had support in shaping them into a clearly-written text?

If so, you’ll be most interested in my proofreading and text writing services.

Communicating German content in English

Do you want to reach a wider audience with your German content? I provide German to English translations of a wide range of texts.

Presenting Yourself or ideas

Applying for a job can be a stressful time, but it’s much easier if you’re well-prepared. I provide a job interview preparation service, in which we will run through a series of possible questions, discuss your answers, and practise your spontaneous responses to interview questions.

However, this service isn’t just about job interviews, as we don’t only give presentations when we’re applying for jobs. If you are preparing for a presentation at work and need help with your delivery, preparing to speak in public, or planning to answer questions that you may be asked, have a look at my presentation service.

Making your message accessible to people with a visual impairment

Do you know whether someone using a screenreader would be able to use your website? Do you know whether any of its features are making it impossible for such people to find information or carry out tasks on your site? Whether you want user testing or a consultation meeting about the accessibility of your website, app, or advertising materials, you’ll find more information on my accessibility page.

Communicating spoken information in writing

Do you have training videos, talks, or podcast episodes that you’d like to make available as blog posts, information sheets, or ebooks?

Computerised transcription software can give you a word-for-word transcription of what you said, but this is not a pleasure to read, especially if someone isn’t following along with the video as well. I can help you to get twice as much value from your content by creating a stand-alone written version of audio content that you can use to reach new audiences.

Communicating in English as a non-native speaker

If you’re specifically interested in learning English, I also provide language training services for adults. All of my learning courses and materials are on EwK services’ sister site, English with Kirsty.

Next steps

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