About Kirsty

Kirsty and golden retriever
Languages and communication have always fascinated me. As a child I was always reading or writing something, and this then grew into an interest in other languages. These included French and German at school, followed later by Turkish and more recently Romanian.

The first time I helped two people to communicate who would otherwise not have been able to was an amazing experience for me, and one which I wanted to repeat.

Using languages in my job was always something that I had aspired to, and now, due to my language teaching and communication services, I work with at least two languages (German and English) every day. My plan is to increase this once my skills in my other languages are good enough.

Prior to setting up my own business, I worked as a Communications Manager, which meant enjoying the challenges of creating a wide range of internal and external communication resources, and helping other members of staff get across what they really wanted to say in a way that others would understand.

In my free time I enjoy learning – my most recent project is Romanian – spending time with my husband and friends, reading, and enjoying nature,.

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