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Kirsty and golden retriever

Languages and communication have always fascinated me. As a child I was always reading or writing something, and this then grew into an interest in other languages. These included French and German at school, followed later by Hindi and Turkish. The first time I helped two people to communicate who would otherwise not have been able to was an amazing experience for me, and one which I wanted to repeat.

Using languages in my job was always something that I had aspired to, and now, due to my language teaching and communication services, I work with at least two languages (German and English) every day.

The next languages on my radar are programming languages, which form part of my IT degree. I’m a mature student who believes we should never stop learning.

Prior to setting up my own business, I worked as a Communications Manager, which meant enjoying the challenges of creating a wide range of internal and external communication resources, and helping other members of staff get across what they really wanted to say in a way that others would understand.

My interest in accessibility is due to my own very real struggles with inaccessible apps and websites. Most of these problems could be avoided with some basic tweaks, better labelling, and a better understanding of how visually impaired people using screenreaders work online. Technology and the internet have opened up so many opportunities for me that I would never have had if I’d been born at a different time, but I still face barriers every day because companies, website and app developers don’t understand how not thinking about screenreader users or just cutting corners can affect people like me. I want to help change this.

I’ve basically been transcribing things from an early age. I had an electronic notetaking device and later a laptop at school, which meant that I could often take down information faster than my sighted friends could with pen and paper. This is where I got the idea for audio transcription.

In my free time, I’m still involved with writing because I write my own blog called “Unseen Beauty”. I also love long walks, good books, spicy food, mangos, and golden retrievers!

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