• Do you want to reach an English-speaking market with information about your products or services?
  • Do you want to avoid some of the mistakes made by machine translations?
  • Do you want to work with a native speaker, who not only speaks German, but who has also worked in a communications role?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help you!

I am an English native speaker (British English) with a C2 German language proficiency. I offer German to English translations – whether you’re looking for product descriptions, marketing texts, newsletters, event information, blog articles, or even a translation of your book!

What are some of the advantages of working with me?

  1. Automatic translation websites can give you an idea what someone wants if you get an email or blog comment in another language, but the language that machine translations produce is neither professional nor easy to understand. It’s certainly not the first thing you want a potential customer to see. I can provide you with a text that conveys your meaning, is easy to read, and doesn’t contain the mistakes that you would find in a machine translation.
  2. As an English native speaker, I can identify where the structure of sentences needs to be changed so that they sound like authentic English sentences, rather than direct translations of German ones. This also applies to idioms and other cultural references that would make no sense to an English-speaking audience if the text were translated literally.
  3. If you have English versions of your texts, you can reach many more potential customers.
  4. You may be happy to write emails or letters for everyday communication, but if you have your most important texts translated, particularly those that could be seen by all of your customers or visitors to your site, you can relax in the knowledge that there are no simple grammar mistakes or things that don’t sound right that might make people shop elsewhere.
  5. Small translation mistakes can be costly! We might laugh about typing errors such as “sign up for this curse” instead of “sign up for this course”, but this kind of thing can spread quickly on social media, and not all publicity is good publicity. On a more serious note, I have saved organisations from problems that could have arisen from bad translations – even something as simple as a positive sentence that should have been negative. “We are responsible for” is very different to “we are not responsible for”.

Do you translate all texts?

I offer German to English translations. If you have an English text that needs to be translated into German, I can recommend translater colleagues, but I don’t offer this service.

If you’d like me to have a look at your text, you can email me an extract, let me know how many words the text has, and I’ll provide you with a quote. All texts will be handled in confidence.

Texts must be typed (not handwritten).

I don’t offer translations of legal documents or documents that rely heavily on graphics.

How much does a translation cost?

The price of a translation is calculated by the number of words, with an average price of £0.10 per word. The rate depends on the type of text. Technical texts, creative, or marketing texts cost slightly more to cover additional research or additional work to ensure that the correct meaning is conveyed in English.

How are payments made?

Customers within the UK can pay by Paypal or bank transfer. Customers outside of the UK are asked to pay by Paypal, or to cover the bank charges for an international payment.

All payment details will be on the invoice. 50% of the payment is due in advance and the other 50% on completion.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any other questions that haven’t been covered here, you would like to contact me about my translation service, or to sign up for the monthly EwK Services newsletter, please use my contact form:


    What do my customers think?

    As the feedback relates to translations of German texts, most customers gave their feedback in German.

    Heike Lehmann

    Wir benötigten für unsere Firma einige Übersetzungen für unsere neue Homepage. Zum Einen eine komplette Übersetzung einer Seite, zum Anderen brauchten wir die Überarbeitung eines vorliegenden englischen Textes, über deren Qualität wir uns nicht sicher waren. Und natürlich muss es ja immer schnell gehen.

    Drei Gründe, die für Kirsty sprechen:

    • Sie hat beide Aufgaben in kürzester Zeit erledigt.
    • Die Überarbeitung des Textes gab sie uns mit kurzen Erläuterungen, warum es so besser, englischer klingt. So konnten wir sicher sein, dass nun alles perfekt ist.
    • Außerdem erhielten wir ein sehr preiswertes Angebot für diese ausgesprochen gute Qualität und schnelle Erledigung.
    • Heike Lehmann
      Gesellschaft f. Politik u. Wirtschaft
      Haus Rissen / Villa Rissen

      Schnelle und exakte Übersetzung gefällig?

      Wir haben verschiedenste Texte von Kirsty übersetzen lassen. Darunter Texte für Teile unserer Internetseite, für kleinere Broschüren oder auch Präsentationen. Die Zusammenarbeit funktioniert reibungslos. Unklarheiten, etwa aufgrund von speziellen Fachbegriffen, werden schnell und unkompliziert per Telefon oder E-Mail geklärt. Die Lieferung der übersetzten Texte erfolgt prompt und zum vereinbarten Termin!

      Wir haben Kirsty als überaus kompetenten Dienstleister kennengelernt und schätzen die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr sehr! Kirsty macht einen hervorragenden Job und wir freuen uns schon sehr auf die nächste Zusammenarbeit, das nächste kleine Projekt mit ihr!

      Ingo Recker
      Buhck Umweltservices GmbH & Co. KG


      Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit Deiner Arbeit. Du bleibst sehr nah am Originaltext – schaffst es aber trotzdem, den etwas lockeren deutschen Stil ins Englische zu übertragen, ohne dass es dann unlocker wird.